Goat MMO Simulator

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The Goat MMO Simulator log-in screen.
A map of Goat MMO Simulator.

Goat MMO Simulator is the third official map, released on November 20th 2014.

In a departure from the first two maps, this map simulates a fantasy MMO, complete with simulated players, simulated levels, and simulated fun The game also futures a map page much like a waste of space

Unique Features of Goat MMO Simulator

  • The game launches a log-in screen when the map is loaded, followed by the opportunity to apply one of five classes mutators: the Tank, the Rouge, the Hunter, the Magician, and the Microwave. The Inventory mutator is also automatically applied.
  • Instead of points and score, the game tracks experience points and levels. The two systems are identical, except you level up at certain score milestones, and experience and levels is persistent across plays. Levelling up unlocks new mutators.
  • There is a simulated chat in the bottom left corner.
  • Pressing Esc brings up a map of the game world.
  • NPCs have health bars and die when they are depleted.
  • Quests are not unlocked at the start, but by speaking to various NPCs marked on your map.
  • More secrets! Goat MMO simulator is the best game ever.

Trophies and More

There are 20 trophies hidden in Goat MMO Simulator. Collecting them all unlocks the Love or Hate? achievement.

For a list of Goat MMO Simulator locations, see Category:Goat MMO Simulator Locations.