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Tutorial is a small morgue map, briefly teaching the player about mechanics in the GoatZ map. It consists from 4 rooms.

Room #1[edit | edit source]

This is the room where the player spawns and is presented to health icon. There are some stretchers and trash bags too. Soon, a quest appears and says:
Start a zombie outbreak!
Press 1 near people to infect them
Guy in a green outfit falls through ceiling as well. When the player infects him, another quest appears:
Headbutt the zombie!
Press LMB to headbutt the zombie, until it dies
After completing this quest, the door to the next room opens.

Room #2[edit | edit source]

In this room with table in a middle and a few trashbags, the player is shown the hunger icon and another quest:
Lick 3 fooditems
And restore your hunger
Some food items will drop onto the table, and after licking/eating 3 of them, the quest reward fills goat's hunger icon. The door opens.

Room #3[edit | edit source]

Crafting pad

There are, again, a few trashbags and a crafting station along with some beer bongs and gumball machines. Quest shows:
Craft a weapon
Drag stuff to the crafting pad. Then lick the weapon
After dragging the two items together and crafting the gumshot, the player is shown ammunition icon and has to complete another quest:
Kill 3 zombies
Shoot the zombies by cliking LMB
Killing 3 zombies, which fell through ceiling, results in opening the next door.

Room #4[edit | edit source]

Goat with minifun shooting zombies in room #4

In this final room with stretchers, door on the ceiling opens, a loot crate drops in and quest appears:
Loot the crates
Headbutt with LMB or run into them
When the player breaks it, another one will appear in order to ready the player and give him some items. After that, time bar will show up, skipping to day 1. The last quest says:
Survive a day
If you can
Zombies start spawning in the middle, one every 1-3 seconds. Soon, the zombies are everywhere and the player doesn't have enough resources to survive and he dies.

That is how the tutorial ends. The player spawns in the before outbreak map.