Try Some 'Shrooms

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What could go wrong?

Try Some 'Shrooms is a quest in Goat City Bay.

You must lick one of the yellow mushrooms scattered around Goat City Bay. Two mushrooms can be found under a tree to the left of the Skyscraper.

Each of the first four mushrooms you lick enlarges one of your body parts (left ear, right ear, head, or tail). Further mushrooms have no effect. However, only one mushroom is needed to complete the quest.

Some 'shrooms.
A goat under the full effect of 'shrooms.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On Xbox, everything is exactly the same, but instead of mushrooms, they are flowers.
  • This possibly could be a reference to the Super Mushroom in the Mario series by Nintendo.
  • On mobile, there is a mushroom patch that glows in could have a fox tail or a big head if you want more shrooms there is a island that has so many

Mobile[edit | edit source]

The quest is removed, but mushrooms still make you bigger.