Tall Goat

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Tall Goat

"The common Tall Goat can be found on the plains of Africa."

The Tall Goat is a mutator that turns the goat into a giraffe.

Unlock Requirement[edit | edit source]

Collect 5 GoatVille trophies.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Tall Goat differs from the standard goat in several ways.

Tall goat licks a wheelbarrow
  1. The Tall Goat is obviously significantly larger.
  2. Licking. When the Tall Goat licks, it first lowers its head. This means there is a significant delay.
  3. Headbutting. The Tall Goat kicks using its left front leg. Even though this is a kick, it is shown as a headbutt in the score.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

As with many mutators that change the player model, Tall Goat may become deformed if combined with other model-changing mutators.

Tall goat might turn colorful.

Example Video (Tall Goat + Ripped Goat)