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GOAT SIMULATOR MMO TALK: Why not add Goat Simulator MMO to xBox 360? It may not be as simple as it sounds. "Copy the thing to xBox thing." I think I understand Coffee Stain there. But how were you able to add GoatZ to iOS? Maybe it's more simple there but I've been craving Goat Simulator MMO for a while. It looks awesome in the trailer and better in YouTube videos. I know it's not fun to program everything like that (maybe it is) but look at the fun us gamers are having. Besides, it will be something more Coffe Stain can be proud of. They've done a lot of interesting stuff like Goat Simulator and the Sanctum stuff and look where they have gone! People will be proud of you that you did all that. Stuff like Goat Simulator don't really get old. I'm glad to say I love the game so far and adding the whole MMO thing would increase my enjoyment meter up to 100. Thanks guys for making so much good stuff and I look forward to researching Goat Simulator MMO while you guys add it to xBox. Ilsildur Dwarf 22