Steamworld Goat (Minigame)

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Steamworld Goat
This article is about the minigame. For the achievement, please see SteamWorld Goat.

Steamworld Goat is a minigame.

The goal in this game is to dig as deep as possible while collecting gold to increase your stats. It is the default game on the Residential Area TV.

The Game[edit | edit source]

Press the arrow keys to move the goat. Pressing and holding in the direction of a dirt block will cause the goat to hit the block with its pickaxe, destroying the block after a certain amount of time. The goat cannot move up but can destroy blocks above it. You can dig diagonally by pressing two buttons at once.

The round ends when the timer in the center of the top of the screen reaches zero. Collecting an hourglass adds five seconds to the timer.

Collecting gold bars adds to the gold count on the upper right corner of the screen. After each round, gold can be spent on upgrading the following stats by pressing Special. The cost to upgrade a stat increases after each upgrade.

  • mPickSpeedString: Unclear, possibly makes the pickaxe "hit" faster making for faster digging.
  • mPickPowerString: Makes the pick destroy blocks faster.
  • mPlayerSpeedString: Increases the goat's movement speed. It is recommended not to raise this stat too high as it may cause your goat to glitch through blocks of dirt when moving horizontally.
  • mTimeBoostString: Increases the time available at the beginning of the round by two seconds.
  • mDigFeeString: Selecting this lets you carry over your gold to the next round. If you cannot afford it, all your remaining gold is spent and the upgrade cost is not increased. The upgrade must be purchased if you can still afford it after buying other upgrades, and purchasing it ends the upgrade session. Even if you cannot afford it you must still select DigFee and press Special to end the upgrade session.

The number in the upper left corner shows your current depth. Between rounds, you will be able to see your Steam friends' all-time best depths. Players' Steamworld Goat records are tracked on the Steam leaderboards.

The game resets when you leave the map, meaning you lose all your upgrade progress. Your depth record remains, though.

The game ends somewhere between depth 250 and 300, after the dirt blocks start turning green. No more dirt blocks appear and your goat falls through empty space until the timer runs out.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Keep your PickSpeed and PickPower high. As you go deeper blocks become harder to destroy, and need high scores in those two stats to dig through efficiently.
  • TimeBoost is a secondary concern, as how many hourglasses you pick up in a round will have a much greater effect on your overall time than how much time you started with.
  • Raise PlayerSpeed until you have a speed you are comfortable with. Raising it too high makes it easy to overshoot your target when moving and can even cause you to glitch through dirt. I don't recommend raising its upgrade cost above 200.
  • In the beginning, try to spend your gold in such a way that you do not have enough to afford DigFee at the end. Not paying to keep your remaining gold means the cost of DigFee does not increase, meaning it will still be cheap in the late game when you really need it. In the late game it may take two or three rounds to stockpile enough gold just to afford one upgrade.
  • Always go for an hourglass if you think you can reach it in under 5 seconds to make it pay for itself.
  • After you've upgraded a bit, spend the first part of a round digging straight down (except for detours for hourglasses). The gold bars on the upper levels aren't valuable enough to waste time going for.
  • Once you reach a low depth and are running low on time (under 15 seconds or so), adjust your strategy to focus on collecting gold bars in an efficient manner.
  • My stats' next upgrade costs when I reached depth 200: PickSpeed 1141, PickPower 1927, PlayerSpeed 237, TimeBoost 1141, DigFee 413.
  • It is also possible to glitch the game by lagging Goat Simulator enough. The best way to do this is to activate the Goat Queen mutator and spawn many goats with its special ability. This will cause the goat in the game to fall through all the dirt blocks, effortlessly earning the SteamWorld Goat achievement.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The game's name and digging mechanic is based on the game Steamworld Dig.
  • The player goat graphic is the same as in Flappy Goat.

Textures[edit | edit source]

  • The pickaxe texture is probably the same pickaxe texture from Minecraft.
  • The gold ore texture is the same from Minecraft.