Repulsive Goat

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Repulsive Goat getting smelly.

"Press Special to be disgusting!"

The repulsive goat is a Mutator, it does not change the goats appearance

Unlock Requirement

The Repulsive Goat is a mutator achieved when jumping in dirty water in the sewer under one of bridges in Goat City Bay map.
Doing so will also unlock the Disgusting achievement.


Pressing special creates a green cloud around the goat, pushing away nearby objects.

Related Achievements

Repulsive Goat is required to complete the Neckbeard achievement.


  • In mobile version of Goat simulator, the mutator looks more of a mess, rather like a normal goat but with stinky powers.
  • If you press Special while in ragdoll, your goat's legs will stretch and you will start spinning an flying. To stop, press Special again. (like devil goat)