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  • Francis: Francis only can appear in one single location and he can only be found in older versions of the game, he was removed due to looking very identical to Jolle, however he can still appear in the Xbox version.
  • Chrome goat: Chrome goat can only appear in alpha and infdev versions of the game, he was replaced by robot goat.
  • Pig: Pig is only found on some builds of goat city bay, he was removed in the full release of that update, however the pig still exists in the mobile version.
  • Darren: Darren can only appear in late alpha and early beta, he was removed for a cut off, due to many people didn't really do anything about him.
  • Flar: Flar was only in the indev version of goat simulator, he was replaced by Marie in the alpha version.
  • Laker goat: Laker goat was removed in the full release due to being a stupid kind of goat.
  • Cow: The Cow was the original goat and it was going to be Cow Simulator from late Pre-Classic to Classic, it was removed in the first update of Indev and was replaced by the goat, however for some reason it was still Cow simulator until in the second update for Indev.
*Old Layers: There were old layers for the back ground and the models from the game of goat simulator, they were added during the beginning of the game being made in Pre-Classic, however they were removed in Beta 1.2 with new and more realistic layers, however they still exist in the mobile versions
  • Original Names and looks for the game and the NPCs: Stek was added in Beta 1.8 but was originally called Fred up until 1.1, Jolle was added in Alpha 1.0.1 but was originally called Jack and his look was originally had black hair and a yellow suit, but the Jack name was changed in Alpha 1.2.1 and his look was changed in Beta 1.1, Paul was added in Beta 1.4 but was originally named Larry and had Red hair, but his hair was changed to black in Beta 1.8 and his name was changed in 1.0.
  • Weird Glitches: There were Weird Glitches in the older version of Goat simulator during when you morph and normal morphed goat that is not like the normal goat the skin powered skin goat's skin will be shown also instead of just the power, this glitch was fixed in 1.8, another glitch is getting out of the land or falling down the sky, this would sometimes happen but this was fixed in 1.8 as well, but it still works in the mobile versions.