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An NPC is a specific kind of item that refers to any living, moving creature. The most common type of NPCs are humans, though goat NPCs exist as well. There are only a handful of them:

  • gray goat
  • brown goat with a white patch in the middle
  • fluffy white goat
  • ripped goat

There are fourteen different types of human NPCs, each with their own name and clothing style. The fourteen are listed here:

  • Anton
  • Wassse
  • Molle
  • J.Sjoo
  • Armin
  • Paul
  • Gstfs
  • Styvman
  • Stek
  • Marie
  • Line
  • Bigge
  • Ocke
  • Jolle
  • Kenny Hotz
  • Francis (this NPC is was only found in a single location in older versions before he was cut from the game)
  • Darren (This NPC didn't really do anything that much and was plain old boring and only appeared in a couple of updates in Alpha and Beta before being cut from the game)
  • Flar (This NPC only appeared in the Infdev versions of the game and was cut and replaced by Marie during the first update of alpha)

These NPCs are scattered at different points throughout the game, but you can find many of different types at the Concert.

Although, many other NPCs from GoatZ gather around too.

  • Santi
  • Sebbe
  • Elin
  • Bartek
  • Wille
  • Philip
  • Conrad O. Ryan
  • The Governor
  • Zipper
  • The Invader Crew
  • Zombie
  • Bodyguards
  • Buisness Men

NPCs in Goat MMO Simulator use their own pool of names and appearances. Some NPCs are randomly named while others have unique preset names. Some NPCs can give quests.

There also exist more strange NPCs:

...and more!