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Mutators are a feature that lets you modify your goat. Mutators are selected upon entering a game, on the same screen as the level select.

Mutators can alter the appearance of your goat, give it new physics properties, or give it special abilities that can be activated with the Special key (R by default, or the Y button on Xbox). Multiple mutators can be applied at once, though not all mutators work well together.

New mutators can be unlocked by completing achievements and by collecting trophies. Some of them, which are not listed here, can only be obtained in DLC maps, like GoatZ and Waste of Space.

Unlockable Mutators

Icon Name Description Unlock Requirement
Tall Goat Tall Goat The common Tall Goat can be found on the plains of Africa. Collect 5 GoatVille trophies.
Feather Goat Feather Goat The fastest goat in town. Collect 10 GoatVille trophies.
Giant Goat Giant Goat Special to blow water out of your head. Ew, gross. Collect 20 GoatVille trophies.
Space Goat Space Goat Become a goat from outer space! Collect 30 GoatVille trophies.
Devil Goat Devil Goat The power of the devil in my hooves. Complete the Devil Goat achievement.
Angel Goat Angel Goat Use your diving powers, Special to fall slowly! Complete the Angel Goat achievement.
Jet Pack Jet Pack Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away! Special to thrust. Available at start.
Goat Queen Goat Queen Special to summon peasants. Complete the Goat Queen achievement.
Ripped Goat Ripped Goat You are a true fighter! Complete the Alexander Goatstafsson achievement.
Robot Goat Robot Goat Beep boop Complete the Trying to bring forth Sanctum 3? achievement.
Blue Streak Blue Streak Stand still and Special repeatedly to charge a spin. Release by pressing Forward. Available at start.
Italian Dinosaur Goat Italian Dinosaur Goat Grab stuff by licking then Special to make bombs! Available at start.
Goatborn Goatborn To speak Dragon, Special Complete the Alexander Goatstafsson achievement.
Tornado Goat Tornado Goat Tornado! Special! Complete the The Savage achievement.
Repulsive Goat Repulsive Goat Special to be disgusting! Complete the Repulsive achievement.
Classy Goat Classy Goat Elegant and classy, yes we are. Elegant, so classy Collect 10 Goat City Bay trophies.
Deadgoa7 Deadgoa7 Special to party! Complete the Goats 'n' Stuff achievement.
Builder Goat Builder Goat This goat excels in craftsmanship. Build whatever your heart desires. Special to build Complete the Builder Goat achievement.

(This goat is unavailable in the Xbox version of Goat Simulator)

Shopping Goat Shopping Goat This goat is crazy about shopping! Collect 20 Goat City Bay trophies.
Rocket-Skate Goat Rocket-Skate Goat Special to activate the rocket-skates! Collect 30 Goat City Bay trophies.
Spider Goat Uncle Goat Special to activate the grappling hook. Complete the A story about my goat achievement.
Hitchhiker Goat Hitchhiker Goat Special hitchhike. Complete the Don't Panic achievement.
Double Jump Double Jump Because all games need a good double jump Available at start.
Goast After dying from hypthermia in the brain, the goast is back in action! Available at start. This Goat mutator is not available in the xbox versions.
Inventory Inventory Save stuff in your inventory and use them whenever you want! Available at start. This Goat mutator is not in the xbox versions.
I Am Bread.jpg I Am Bread The epic story of a slice of bread's journey to become toast! Complete the I am Bread achievement. This one is not in the xbox versions.
I Am Baguette.jpg
I Am Baguette Beret, scarf, baguette, can it be more French? Complete the Je Suis La Baguette quest. This one is not in the xbox versions.
I Am Toaster.jpg
I Am Toaster Oh dang goat, you're toast! Complete the The Eucharist quest. This one is not available in the xbox versions.
Mermaid Goat MMO - Bglarg Glargf blar glar rab Complete the Mermaid Goat achievement.
Flappy Goat MMO - Flappy Goat Fly with grace! Reach level 10 in Goat MMO Simulator.
ExcaliGoat MMO - Excaligoat You are worthy to wield the power! Complete the ExcaliGoat achievement.
Wheel Goat MMO - Wheel Goat Nobody should have this kind of power! Complete the Wheel Goat achievement.
Burger Goat MMO - Burger Goat Get burg; listen to savant! Reach level 5 in Goat MMO Simulator.
Snail Goat MMO - Snail Goat I'm afraid of no walls! Reach level 15 in Goat MMO Simulator.
Hunter MMO - Hunter Being well-versed with the survival of the fittest, Hunters desire not the comfort of cities, but seek to the unforgiving wilds. Masters of forests and rivers, Hunters stalk upon their prey, using their sharp metal lures to trap and catch all kinds of animals, everything from trout to salmon. Available at start.
Magician MMO - Magician Chosen children are visited by a person in a red costume and white beard during the winter. They are given a magic box full of all kinds of spells such as card decks, a hat with a hidden department in it, and a plastic wand. Life is never the same again for the Magician. Available at start.
Microwave MMO - Microwave The microwaves are the most evil constructs in this world. They are pure chaotic evil, and revel in chaos and destruction, using their evil powers to imbue food with entropy. Available at start.
Rouge MMO - Rouge The Rouge is a stealthy and dextrous class, able to apply make-up unseen and wherever needed.

Always being one step ahead of danger, Rouges gain the advantage over their enemy by being adept

Available at start.
Tank MMO - Tank Do you like spikes? Do you think big and stronk is good? Do you subscribe to the Nietzschean moral philosophy of transvaluation of values and the Übermensch? Available at start.
Jouster MMO - Jouster Joust do it! Complete the Jousting Goat achievement.
Zeus MMO - Zeus Thunder of the gods Available at start.
Old Goat MMO - Old Goat This goat is even older than Christopher Lee Complete the Old Goat achievement.
Jörgen MMO - Jörgen Be who you were born to be Complete the Jörgen achievement.
Anti-Gravity Goat MMO - Anti-Gravity Goat Goat scientists sent boots to the future. They are now back from the future for your hovering pleasure! Complete the Gravity Goat achievement.

Locked Mutators

Some mutators cannot be unlocked for use on the map select menu, but can be activated by completing certain objectives in-game and should also have about 10 more of them.

Icon Name Activation Requirement
Goat Rider Goat Rider Ride the mechanical bull at Cabrito Park.
Power Pitcher Goat Power Pitcher Goat Find the Power Pitcher in the Batting Cages.
Sweet Autumn Goat Sweet Autumn Goat Sacrifice the three Sanctum items.

Other Changes

Some things are not mutations, but modify your goat's appearance or function in other interesting ways.

  • A goat can wear hats. Six hats can be purchased from Weathers, and a seventh can be found at Capra Restaurant & Bar or Gallery Doe.
  • A goat can become big or small by jumping in the Size Changing Pit.
  • A goat can get giant body parts by licking mushrooms.
  • A goat can temporarily get a big burst of speed and see new colors by licking Sugar.
  • A goat can be lit on fire by bumping into anything on fire, like NPCs, BBQ grills, or explosions.
  • A goat can look very disgusting when using repulsive goat.