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"Save stuff in your inventory and use them whenever you want!"

The Inventory is a mutator. It does not affect the goat's appearance in any way.

Unlock Requirement[edit | edit source]

Available at start. Not currently available in the Xbox version.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

A sample inventory.

When you lick an item, you will be prompted to press Baa to save the item to your inventory. Doing so will remove the object from the game world and add it to your inventory. Pressing I opens the inventory, from which you can move items back into the game world. Exiting a map empties your inventory.

Inside the house with the Inventory items.
Outside the inventory house.
Above the inventory house.
The mushroom needed to bounce on to access the house and get past the boundary.

In the MMO Simulator, all items in the inventory will be sent to a house in a normally inaccessible area beyond the map's boundaries. To get to this area, you must equip the Gravity Goat mutator and bounce on the blue mushroom near the Goatwind Wall. Turning on anti-gravity right after bouncing will send your goat up very high, making it possible to go over the map boundaries. If you face west, there will be a flat area with a lone house sitting on it. Inside the house are all the items in your inventory, sitting in a large clump.