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This is your goat. There are many like it, but this one is yours.

The goat, Pilgor, is the star of the game Goat Simulator. The player controls Pilgor as she embarks on her epic journey.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Goats are incredibly versatile, psychotic animals. They have many skills from generations of instinct, including:

  • Goats are always moving around, which is why they have four legs instead of two. Press W, S, A, or D to move.
  • Goats can also look where they are going. Move the mouse to move the camera.
  • Does that fence dare to keep you penned in? Show it who's boss by jumping over it! Press Spacebar to jump.
  • And then punish the fence for its insolence by smashing it to pieces with your thick skull. Left-click to headbutt.
  • Celebrate your hard-earned freedom by sprinting through the town. Hold Shift to run.
  • Goats have sticky adhesive everywhere on their tongues for licking things. Press E to lick with your tongue.
  • A crate is sneaking up behind you to avenge the fence's death! Press S plus left-click to kick with your hind leg.
  • The goat language is incredibly nuanced and takes years to master. Press 1 to baa.
  • Now that you've mastered jumping, why not try out some aerial acrobatics? Hold right-click and press W, S, A, or D in the air to spin.
  • Sometimes a goat just needs to relax and lie down. Press Q to ragdoll.
  • Some walls are too high to jump over, but not too high to run up. Hold Shift to sprint, then press Spacebar to jump onto the wall and hold W to do a wall run. Press Spacebar again to do a wall jump.
  • Especially talented goats can walk on their front legs. Press W then S to manual, then repeatedly press W and S to keep your balance.
  • Goats always try to land on their feet. Press Spacebar just as you hit the ground to stick the landing and earn extra style points.
  • Goats can pretend to be in Baywatch by literally changing how time and space works. Press F to activate Slow Motion.
  • Rumors tell of especially powerful goats who have learned special abilities. Press R to use a mutator's ability.

Other goat facts[edit | edit source]

  • Goats are incredibly durable and can fall from great heights, be struck by moving vehicles, or even explode without being harmed.
  • Goats are heralds of chaos, and leave destruction in their wake. Don't feel bad about it; it's just the nature of being a goat.
  • Goats are always fashionable, and are especially fond of hats.
  • There are many kinds of goats that don't look like goats. There are tall goats, feathered goats, goats from space, and more. If it's not a human, it's a goat.
  • Many goats have inherited genetic mutations giving them different appearance and maybe even a special ability.
  • Goats have a monarchic society, and are ruled by a queen. Legend has it whomever sits on the throne of skulls becomes the ruler of all goatkind.
  • Goats have religion just like we do. They believe in angels, devils, and gods.
  • The goat resembles a Myotonic goat. A myotonic goat is a goat who's muscles freeze for 3 seconds when panicking.This is most likely what gives a goat the ability to ragdoll.
  • Goat makes an official appearance in the platform fighting game, Indie Game Battle.
    Goat's render in Indie Game Battle