A Story about my elevator

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Achievement A Story about my elevator.jpg Get up on the skyscraper without using the elevator

A Story about my elevator is a Steam achievement.

Although this achievement can be easily completed with the proper mutators, the "proper" method seems to be:

  1. Go around the right side of the Skyscraper and climb the edges to get on the Casino roof.
  2. Jump on the mattress and bounce up to the Skyscraper Balcony.
  3. Jump on the bar on the right to get up on the ledge immediately above.
  4. In the middle are five mattresses arranged vertically. You need to bounce yourself upwards from one mattress to the next.
  5. If you reach the topmost mattress, it should bounce you to the left to a fan. Use the fan to float up to the Concert.

You could also fly there with the helicopter if you are able to lick it.

An easier way to get to the top of the skyscraper is to obtain the Spider Goat/Uncle Goat Mutator (from Uncle Fred's Workshop nearby if you don't already have it) and to use it to either carefully grapple your way to the top of the building or use it to catch the helicopter from a distance and then hold on until you are able to jump off onto the top of the Skyscraper.

If you trigger the elevator in the Put-In Hotel to go up, you will be disqualified until you restart the map, even if you did not actually ride the elevator up.

The mattress in step 2.
The mattresses and fan in steps 4 and 5.