Tall Goat

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The Tall Goat is an evolution of the Goat.
Tall Goat in-game

The Tall goat resembles a giraffe.


Apart from the obvious differences (size and looks) there are a few things that separate it from the standard goat.

Tall goat licks a wheelbarrow
  1. Licking. When the tall goat licks, it first lowers its head. This means there is a significant delay.
  2. Headbutting. The tall goat kicks using its left front leg. Even though this is a kick, it is shown as a headbutt in the score.


Tall goat can be unlocked by collecting 5 golden goat trophies.


If you go to the area with theAlexander Goatstafsson achievement as the Tall Goat and win all 4 rounds the player model will become deformed

Example Video